Moisture In Buildings

This one day course which is presented by Graham Coleman is about the mechanics of moisture in a building, how to look for and survey pre-existing conditions and shows techniques / methods for solving dispute cases.

Course content includes:

Moisture In Buildings
  • Sources of water in Buildings
    • importance of identification
    • features of the sources
  • Distribution of water in materials
  • Methods of measuring and assessing moisture:
    • electrical moisture meters - types, use and interpretation of results
    • carbide (‘Speedy’) meter - use
    • gravimetric methods and case studies
    • environmental moisture
  • Contaminant salts found in buildings:
    • origin and effects (hygroscopic/efflorescent)
    • Specific salts in building materials and associated problems
  • Wood rotting fungi:
    • Dry rot (Serpula lacrymans)
    • Cellar fungus (Coniophora puteana)
    • Control of rot.
    • Other fungi in buildings
  • Rising damp:
    • Presence and features/heights of rise
    • Remedial damp-proof courses – types and performance
    • Control of rising damp and re-plastering
  • Condensation:
    • Condensation -v- other sources of dampness
    • Understanding relative humidity, vapour pressure and environmental moisture
    • Water vapour in buildings and its origin.
    • ‘Dry’, ‘moist’ and ‘wet’ occupancies (BS5250:2002 including case studies
    • use of relative humidity in environmental assessments
  • Measuring environmental moisture:
    • hygrometers, surface temperatures, data loggers
    • understanding data
  • Assessment of collected data - Case studies
  • Interstitial condensation
  • Control of condensation

At A Glance:

Moisture In Buildings - Cost: TBA - Prerequisite None - Duration 1 Day

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